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 A wellness skincare establishment founded with the belief of beauty from within.  Result driven facials and skin care customized to each experience and client.  Every time you visit Beyond Beauty Skincare, you are the center of complete focus and wellness intention. Learn about some services we offer here.

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Barb, "Your Personal aesthetician", is an independent professional expert in the field of skincare, and owner of Beyond Beauty Skincare.  

In February of 2002, she graduated from the prestige Aesthetic school, National Aesthetics institute.  She has Been licensed, and in practice Since February of 2002. Barb ran a skincare spa in Gilbert AZ for 12 years.  At the same time she developed multiple supplements for various companies. In 2005 she re entered school combining education of western and eastern philosophies from ASU, MCC ,and SWIHA,(south west institute of healing arts.) Barb then became multi certified in nutrition, and holistic wellness.  She also continues to add to her skin care certifications, as the aesthetic industry continually evolves.  Barb believes combining a holistic approach, with a science minded base is the most optimal skin philosophy.   Integrative skin care.....Creating balance is imperative in beauty and health.

 In early 2010 Barb became one of U.S. Advanced Medical Research's educators and enjoys teaching other professional aestheticians and students skin care ingredients and best practices.

What drives her service is a sophistication from an innate love for aesthetics and helping people.  A true belief in delivering sincere service, and the best available professional care.  Delivering to thousands of clients a honest, and a beautiful experience.

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